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Kiril Dzhenev (1922-2006 ) horeographer
Kiril Dzhenev - horeographer

Kiril Dzhenev was born in 1922. in Burgas. The early love for the Bulgarian dance took the future choreographer to the ensemble of the Ministry of Interior, and later to the National Opera and the ensemble of the Main Directorate of Labor Conscription. In 1948 Kiril Dzhenev founded an amateur dance group at the Ministry of Agriculture.

In 1950 Kiril Dzhenev graduated in economics from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". However, his new specialty does not divert him from his initial impulses. Kiril Dzhenev understands that his vocation is the art of dance.
In 1951 he started working in the State Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances - Sofia. In parallel with his work there, he laid the foundations of the representative dance troupe at the Sofia City People's Council, now known as the Sredets Ensemble.

In 1970 he started working as a choreographer in the ensemble "Pirin" - Blagoevgrad, and in 1974 he founded the state folklore ensemble "Trakia". In parallel with his choreographic work, Kiril Dzhenev is also engaged in scientific work. He has written a number of articles, talks and reviews. He published the collection "Bulgarian Stage Dances". Participates as a co-author in the writing of "Theory of the Structure of Movements" and "Universal Dance". In 1979 he published his textbook "Kinetography". Professor Dzhenev is one of the most prominent pedagogues-choreographers in Bulgaria. He is one of the first teachers at the State Choreographic School in Sofia. In 1974 he started the specialty "Choreographic Directing" at the Academy, where for many years he was head of the Department of "Choreography" and also Vice-Rector.

Dances of Kiril Dzhenev:
"Kudi" - music: Nikolai Stoykov
"Shepherd and Judas Girl" - music: Stefan Mutafchiev
"Kapanski tants" - music: Alexander Hristov
"Pirin Spring Games" - music: Jivka Klinkova
"Shopski dance" - music: Kosta Kolev
"Thracian Dance" - music: Todor Prashchakov
"Plovdiv Cocoons" - music: Nikolay Stoykov
"Dzhinovski Dance" - music: Kiril Stefanov
"Rachenitsa s shinitsi - music: Zhivka Klinkova
"Gergyovden" (St. George's Day) - music: Todor Praschakov
"Zheravna Dance" - music: Zhivka Klinkova
"Koledari" - music: folk
"Haskovo Wedding Games" - music: Todor Prashtakov
"Libe le" - music: Tsvetan Tsvetkov
"Legend of Orpheus" - music: Zhivka Klinkova
"Dobrudzha Dance Impression" - music: Todor Prashtakov
"Ovchari" (Shepherds) - music: Nikola Ganchev
"Shopski lazarki" - music: folk
"Kraydunavska prikazka" (Danube Tale) - music: Boris Vodenicharov
"Ancient dance" - music: Dimitar Bonev
"Horo v Sofia" (Dance in Sofia) - music: Kosta Kolev
"Festive Thracian Dance" - music: Todor Prashtakov
"Coastal Dance" - music: Todor Prashtakov
"Bouquet from Thrace" - music: Stefan Mutafchiev
"The Dances of the Bulgarian" - Concert on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Prof. Kiril Dzhenev
June 28, 2022 - 19:00 - National Palace of Culture, Hall 1

The ensembles "Trakia", "Filip Kutev", "Pirin" and "Strandzha" with a joint performance!

The grand event in honor of prof. Kiril Dzhenev will take place on June 28, 2022 in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture, Sofia

"The Dances of the Bulgarian" is the motto of the big show, which will bring together the ensembles "Trakia" , "Filip Kutev", "Pirin", "Strandzha" and the graduates of the National School of Dance Art - Sofia.

Source: Balkanfolk News
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